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Amazon Confirms 48-hour Prime Day Sales Event for October 11-12th.


Amazon has officially confirmed that it will be holding a 48-hour ‘Prime Early Access Sale” on October 11th and 12th. This event will reward Amazon Prime Members with early access to big holiday deals. As with any sales event, hopefully, this will boost all seller sales. Check out Amazon’s guide for preparing for Prime Day events here


Implement Key Pricing Strategies this Q4


Sales will be mooning soon due to customers going bananas for the Q4 holidays. There are over 300 million products available on Amazon and perhaps billions of price changes each day. Competitive pricing strategies are a huge anchor in helping sellers increase personal sales. 

If you don’t already, it’s vital to have a solid grasp of how repricing strategies can help you win more buy-boxes, increase your sales velocity, and maximize profits. 

This blog post from Seller Snap discusses the different types of repricing methods you can implement to improve your price management strategy. 

Bqool also has a great podcast episode discussing 9 Amazon pricing strategies that will help you win Q4. 

While we are most familiar with, we also know many sellers who love Bqool and Seller Snap. All three come with free trial periods so you can test out what works for you best. 

View our tips on setting up repricing strategies here.


Amazon Introduces New Layaway Program


Amazon has recently introduced a new option called Amazon Layaway for buyers to finance purchases. 

Customers can now hold on to their product purchases and complete payments in five installments (after making a 20% downpayment) by either credit or debit card. Financed purchase options aren’t new to the commerce realm, but this adoption by Amazon opens up even more sales floodgates. 

As of now, Layaway only works for eligible Amazon items, and from what we gather, is still awaiting rollout in states such as Connecticut, Washington DC, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

Learn more about Amazon Layaway here.


Check out the New FBA Dashboard


Amazon just launched a new, souped-up FBA Dashboard that enables sellers to view and act on key performance metrics for better business management. In Amazon’s words, the new dashboard will allow you to

  • Monitor your store’s key performance indicators with cards that provide a high-level overview of financial and operational metrics.
  • Enroll recommended high-potential ASINs in FBA programs to grow your business.
  • Track your store’s inventory to identify popular and low-inventory items. View inventory age in six-month increments, with targeted alerts for the 365-day mark and when inventory starts accruing long-term storage fees.
  • See a visual representation of your shipment status as your product makes its way towards the Amazon fulfillment center.

Learn more about the new Amazon FBA dashboard here.


Old Send to Amazon Inventory Workflow to Remain Available until October 16


Due to feedback from sellers regarding the new Send to Amazon inventory workflow, Amazon is giving more time to sellers to transition to the new workflow by making the old one available until October 16.

Amazon had previously announced that starting September 1, all new FBA shipments must be created in either Send to Amazon or through Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) and Selling Partner API.

Some sellers have been finding the new process convoluted and problematic for various reasons. While Amazon appears to be trying their best to make this transition easier for sellers, it’s clear that sellers are feeling distracted by the new workflow as they prepare for the holiday season.

If you want a detailed guide on the new Send to Amazon workflow check out this guide from SupplyKick.


2 Quickies for New Amazon FBA Sellers


If you’re a new seller on Amazon FBA, welcome to the party!

#1- This blog post from Seller Union breaks down your storage limits for the various Amazon marketplaces as a new seller. Knowing your storage limits is important for planning the amount of inventory you are sending to Amazon.

#2- Building a tool stack for your Amazon FBA business is crucial for finding new products and scaling your business. Here is a great blog post from AlgoPix which enumerates the 15 best FREE and low-cost tools for sellers. This is helpful for new sellers because budgets may be much smaller.


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Here is your midweek jetpack of Amazon seller news, updates, and other useful clicks for your e-commerce business…

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Here is your midweek jetpack of Amazon seller news, updates, and other useful clicks for your e-commerce business...

Here is your midweek jetpack of Amazon seller news, updates, and other useful clicks for your e-commerce business...