These are all tools and resources we use and/or recommend for selling on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms. We also offer an Online Arbitrage Sourcing List if you are looking for products to sell on Amazon. 

Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these. We appreciate the support. is an elite online platform which provides strategic automated repricing for Amazon sellers to increase buy-box percentages and sales. It offers advanced repricing strategies which are controlled by preset algorithms and also allows sellers to view and analyze graphic statistics of their buy box ownership and sales. is the most seasoned of all Amazon repricers, and it has helped drive billions in sales for over 4,000 sellers. It has accounted for 2.5 billion+ buy box wins, and 10 billion+ price changes. It has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, Fortune, USA Today, and many more outlets.

They currently offer a free 14-day trial. It’s worth it.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the Superman of all quick Amazon product research tools.  Between the browser extension and the web app, you’ll be able to make decisions on potential products easier than ever.

Jungle Scout Pro Extension for Google Chrome 

With the click of one button in your browser, Jungle Scout will formulate a beautiful table of real product data, including estimated monthly sales, best-seller rank, revenue, number of reviews, average rating, competition and much more. You can even export CSV files of the results for further domination if desired. ($97.00 for lite, $197.00 for pro)

Jungle Scout Web App

The Web App has several features built in to help you identify, analyze, and track products and other data. The Product Database feature allows sellers to search through Amazon’s full catalog using filters such as monthly sales, product size, product opportunities, number of reviews and more. You can also add products you like to the Product Tracker. With the Product Database, you no longer have to weed through the traditional consumer platform to find the goodies. (from $29.00-$69.00/month depending on plan)

Get the Jungle Scout Extension and start stackin’ some Benjamins.

Get the Web App and level up your Amazon FBA inventory and sales.


RevSeller is an on-page estimator and variation viewer that allows sellers to view sales rank, category, profitability, seller counts and child variations. The variation viewer allows you to see the prices, offers and important data for variations on products like shoes and clothing. In stock, out of stock, price gaps and more.

Revseller coupon code available! 

Free 30 day trial with 0 credit card needed!  (Use coupon code REVFBA20 to get $20.00 off your first year of revseller)

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is an automated tool for product sourcing. Users can easily find potential product buys by scanning a particular category from a website and analyzing the results. Tactical arbitrage is an insanely powerful lead scraper that can search and stack leads while you sleep or spend time with your family.

Features include the ability to:

  • Search URL’s for a specific store and category
  • Bulk scan websites with 1 click
  • Set filters and parameters for the results you want to view
  • Use image matching and clickable URL’s to verify lead potential
  • Find Amazon to Amazon flips
  • Reverse Engineer other Amazon accounts to find the source of potential leads

This is the most powerful leadscraper available. Grab it while the doors are still open.

AZ Insight

AZ Insight is a powerful market research and insight software that can significantly improve seller performance in the Amazon marketplace. AZ Insight enables you to:

  • Get accurate Amazon Fee breakdown calculations with an incredibly customizable FBA and FBM calculator.
  • Check leads with a built-in Hazmat & Restriction Checker with Brand Notification.
  • Know your competitors stock levels with real-time stock quantity for all sellers on the listing.
  • Spot profitable variations. Opens in the same space as the calculator by simply clicking the variations tab. No additional space needed, and no need to open a new window.

Click here for a 30 Day Free Trial of AZ Insight! Use coupon LEADSLIST20OFF for $20 off!


Use OAXray to scan supported retailer websites and automatically generate organized and color-coded metric reports which match products to Amazon listings and provide cost, ROI, net profit, rank, price history and much more.

In other words, OAXRay is the secret weapon you need to penetrate the never-ending ocean of loot that sleeps quietly on the deep shelves of retail giants all over the internet.

OAXray is a premium Google Chrome extension ($99/month) which will easily help you blow your profits into another dimension. The cost is a no-brainer.

You can get a 10-day free trial here.


Keepa is a chrome extenstion that adds a graph of price history and sales rank data on every Amazon product page. This enables you to quickly view how frequently a product is sold, who is winning the buy box, and how much it’s going for.

Click here to add Keepa.

Merch Informer

A simplified system for researching products and competitors on Merch by Amazon.

Merch Informer is a web-based all-in-one software platform for researching Merch by Amazon products and potential. You can dig deep into product and keyword research, spy on brands, check your competition, organize your favorites, and even protect your Merch Account.

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Merch Research

Merch Research is an extensive tool, created by Chris Green, for researching and analyzing Merch by Amazon products and potential. It is part of the Merch Informer system.

Get Merch Informer + Merch Research Here (Use code FBALibrary for 20% off your purchase)

You can search image indexes, marketplaces, social media, keywords, trademarks, trends, POD sites, and other websites. There is also a huge Facebook group for networking and peer support in the Merch by Amazon market. MerchResearch works great on all phones and mobile platforms.

MerchResearch works great on all phones and mobile platforms.

Pretty Merch

Pretty Merch is a chrome extension that tracks your sales and recent products sold in an easy to read dashboard so you can quickly analyze how your Merch business is doing.

Get Pretty Merch Here.

There’s also the ability to manage your listings like bulk edit products and find products based on marketplace, product type, status, sold or not, days until removal, price and more.

Keyword Surfer

A free chrome extension that analyzes Google search results that you can use to improve your Amazon and merch listings as well as see the volume of traffic going to certain products.

  • Search volume for your primary keyword.
  • Similar keywords with their volumes.
  • Number of quality backlinks per domain.
  • Domain estimated traffic for each page from search results.
  • Related searches with their volumes.

Click here to get Keyword Surfer.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a powerful tool for analyzing Amazon products, tracking competitors, keywords and SEO,  and even Amazon ads.

  • Find reliable product ideas faster with accurate sales estimates, trends, and insights.
  • Reverse-engineer and monitor your top competitors to learn from their strengths and capitalize on their weaknesses.
  • Identify the most important keywords for your private label product or Merch listing with automated keyword research.
  • Drive better PPC results with ad rank tracking, suggested bids, product-targeting suggestions, or managed services.
  • Enhance your keyword strategy by tracking your performance and finding easy opportunities to improve.

Click here to learn more about Viral Launch.



InventoryLab is an all-in-one platform for managing all aspects of your Amazon business. With Stratify, you can research products, list and manage inventory, create shipments, analyze and track accounting, track sales & use taxes, and review any report related to your account.

It is incredibly clean and easy to use, and the support team is top notch

Click here for a free 30-day trial of InventoryLab, or to learn more about it.

Context Menu Search

Context Menu Search is a free chrome extension that enables you to quickly search products on other websites. All you have to do is highlight what you want to search and right click to select what site you want to search on. This will save you lots of time as a seller.

Click here to get Context Menu Search.



BQool is a highly versatile software that functions as an Amazon repricer, a review management system, and product research tool.

    • Repricing Central is a comprehensive repricing solution to help you win buy boxes on Amazon against other competitors.
    • Feedback Central helps sellers increase feedback and product reviews through its advanced email campaign manager.
    • Review Central collects and organizes your product reviews, allowing you to easily manage disputes and keep your account in great health.
    • BigZata makes it easy to research top products, brands, and data to make smart buying choices.


MarketScout collects data on new and used products across Amazon and delivers the information so you can make good purchase decisions. It will help you identify the following:

  • How many sellers are competing for market share on the Amazon marketplaces
  • The % of FBA sellers among the competition
  • Item category
  • Item Rank
  • Forecasted commissions and fees
  • Competitor pricing
  • Estimated FBA fees

Feedback Five

Feedback Five gives sellers the ability to take control of feedback scores. It helps obtain positive feedback to outweigh any negative reviews by automatically asking customers for feedback and posting that feedback to your listings! Awesome sauce.

Restock Pro

RestockPro is a forecasting tool for FBA Sellers to track all inventory data, make stocking decisions, streamline FBA operations and much more.

How it works:

  1. RestockPro pulls your FBA data and organizes it to allow you to monitor sales velocity, competitive listings, expected margins and more.
  2. Then, it makes recommendations and sends out alerts when your supplies are getting low.
  3. Once finished, RestockPro will drive your selling process by creating P0s for your suppliers and shipments to Amazon, organizing your shipment plans, and reporting inbound shipment receiving.


Sellbrite makes multichannel listing and inventory management super simple. 

A cloud-based web solution that simplifies selling in multiple e-commerce platforms. Sellbrite provides a work-efficient and highly intuitive interface that can facilitate tasks such as creating new product listings, managing existing listings, controlling and syncing inventory, managing orders and running reports.

Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector uses multiple ‘tools’ to analyze what keywords other sellers and products are ranking for. A great service for launching a new product or optimizing what you’re already selling, particularly for popular items and markets.

The Reverse ASIN tool is the most popular and it identifies keywords without much digging around.


Forecastly simplifies and streamlines inbound shipping, inventory projections, and reorders, making the inbound process of an FBA business much less work.

The service tracks messed up Amazon orders and correlated reimbursement opportunities. Stop spending hours pouring over your inventory spreadsheets – set reminders and make accurate projections.


TaxJar is a service that helps e-commerce business owners file and pay their sales and use taxes automatically.  It connects directly to Amazon and reports your sales and use tax filing requirements based on your sales by state.

Features allow you to:

  • Automatically file your sale tax forms, or manually file them in minutes
  • Instantly connect with your marketplace to pull appropriate data
  • Never miss a due date
  • Review state and county-specific reports

Ship Station

Shipstation is a software built to help e-commerce sellers manage and ship on multiple platforms.

Features Include:

  • Automatically import orders from multiple and unlimited selling channels
  • Ship using all carriers
  • Mobile app to manage and ship directly from your phone
  • Discounted rates for USPS
  • Brand and inventory level tracking

eGrowth Partners

eGrowth Partners are a consulting firm for e-commerce sellers who offer various services, including Account Reinstatements, Suspension Prevention, and Sales Growth, Operation Improvement, and Marketing of New Products.

The company is headed by Cynthia Stine, the author of Suspension Prevention which is a really straight forward and detailed book about preventing your account from being suspended, and how to appeal suspensions if they happen.

    Seller Labs

    A cloud-based web solution created and developed by Seller Labs, Feedback Genius helps you become a more successful seller on Amazon by automating the process of reaching out to customers for you to get more Amazon reviews. It does this by allowing you to create and set up a fully-automated and customized follow-up email campaign that follows a schedule you have set. Now that incentivized reviews are out, utilizing the service provided by Feedback Genius is a great way to establish your brand on Amazon.