In a previous post, we released the 5 Best Amazon Repricing Tools and Software of 2021. In the post, we rated as the best option in our experience. In this post, we want to share with you the exact strategies and settings we have set inside of to maximize buy-box wins and sales. It took us a while to dial in the right settings to maximize the output for the Online Arbitrage business model, so we hope it helps you maximize your sales too!


Why Use as an Amazon Repricer?


Prices on most Amazon product listings fluctuate freely based on supply and demand. The buy-boxes are constantly changing to satisfy (and sometimes annoy) competition, trends, and seasons in the market.


Ultimately, the free marketplace creates a great opportunity for sellers who can take advantage of the price movements and use it to help facilitate fast moving inventory with high profit margins and cash flow.


Since roughly 90+% of all purchases in Amazon occur in the buy box, It’s vital to focus on activities that will allow you to win the buy box more often. There are a few factors that determine buy box ownership, such as seller rating, whether or not the product is FBA or MF, the algorithm sharing cycle, and mostly importantly—the price of a seller’s offer.


As your business grows and your SKU count increases, you will start to see how impractical and time-consuming it is to manually keep your prices competitive and buy-box eligible. Even if you’re using Amazon’s free repricer, it seems to have massive delays in actually keeping your price competitive upon changes in the market.


Fortunately, is an incredible repricing software that will help you win your buy-boxes consistently to increase sales velocity and cash flow.


The benefits of using (formerly AppEagle) Repricing Strategy to Win Buy-Boxes on Amazon


Using an intelligent, automated repricing software like carries many benefits:


  • It helps you save time – It frees you up from manually repricing your listings, so the time saved can be reinvested in the development and reinforcement of other aspects of your FBA business.
  • It increases your bottom line – An effective repricing solution helps you raise your prices when it detects competitor stock running out, allowing you to sell for more profit.
  • It enables better management of costs – Repricing solutions like enable you to set a minimum sale price for your product which in turn allows you to factor in all of the costs incurred in selling the item. That way you will never sell an item at a loss.
  • It allows you to select who you compete with – If you utilize the built in competition settings, you can avoid certain sellers that you wish not to engage in price-wars with, including MF sellers, low-rated sellers, sellers with inventory on the way but not in stock, and even Amazon themselves.
  • It allows you to win the buy box more often.
  • It minimizes the probability of human error.
  • It helps you plan for the future – Repricing software enables you to collate and analyze valuable data that you can utilize to bring your business to the next level of success. The data you can extrapolate from the software can fill in system gaps, identify and exploit profit opportunities and establish business systems to expand your business.


Get a FREE 14-Day Trial of


Since 2015 we have been using to maximize buy-box wins and sales. It’s worth its weight in gold. For a brief period in 2016, we opted for one of the less expensive repricing options to try and be thrifty, and ended up regretting the move. reprices on a continual basis instantly, whereas some other less expensive options are not nearly as instant or effective. This makes a huge difference to the amount of buy boxes you own, so we switched back and saw an immediate increase in sales volume. has been directly responsible for $100k+ dollars in sales per month combined across our teams, and if you have more SKU’s than you can stand to monitor manually, it will more than pay for itself. Try it out for free, because it’s 100% worth it.


Free 14-Day Trial and Setup Instructions:


After signing up for the service, you can head to their support center for information regarding setting up your account, connecting your amazon store, importing your products, and the basics of using their system.


That information can be found here:


How to Create a Winning Strategy with Amazon Repricer Tool


Once your account is set up and your products are ready to be managed by this amazon repricing tool, you will need to create a “strategy” and tell the system how you want it to work.


After months of tinkering with the different options in the software, we have dialed everything necessary into one main strategy that maximizes our ability to control buy boxes and maximize cash flow. Only one team member has to monitor minimum and maximum price fluctuations every few days to keep it optimal.


You can download the free strategy guide and settings that we use for below.


Using (formerly AppEagle) Amazon Repricing Tool Win Buy Boxes: The Exact Strategy and Settings We Use - Online Arbitrage - Settings to

Win the Buy Box!

Download the free strategy guide and settings that we use for


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