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To be a successful seller on the Amazon marketplace, you have to stay competitive with your prices and win the buy-boxes. Because Amazon allows multiple sellers to sell a single product on the same listing, only one seller can win the buy-box at a time.


Winning the buy box means becoming the featured seller that gets the sale when a customer hits the “Add to cart” button. If you aren’t the seller in the buy box, then you have a low chance of making the sale when the customer adds the item to their cart.


Because the prices of marketplace listings change about 2.5 million times a day, it’s almost impossible to keep up with manually updating prices to stay competitive. However, using an Amazon repricing tool will automatically help you win the buy box and make the sale. Instead of having to think about the constant fluctuation of pricing, your Amazon repricer will take care of the market shifts and increase your sales .


What is an Amazon Repricer?


An Amazon repricer is an algorithmic software that automatically reprices the products you sell on Amazon so that you can win the buy box more often. Different Amazon repricers have different features, but ultimately their goal is to reprice your products so they have a better chance of being sold. To use these tools, you input your own settings for strategies like owning the buy box or maximizing profit margins. Once you’re done with setting the software up, it will analyze your data and your competition’s data to make intelligent changes to your prices. You can set minimum and maximum price ranges to protect your margins.


What is the Best Amazon Repricing Tool to Use in 2021?


There are plenty of Amazon repricer tools that you can potentially use. Here are some of the best Amazon repricers of 2021, including our favorite Informed.co.


informed.co - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

1. Informed.co


Formerly Appeagle, Informed.co is a competitive repricing platform that uses smart algorithms and actionable insights. They offer two algorithm strategies that you can choose from as a base to win the buy box and increase sales velocity. You also have the ability to duplicate or create multiple strategies, among other things. Internally, our company has tested multiple repricers, and Informed.co has been responsible for helping us make millions of dollars in sales. Their algorithms are effective and their software is really simple to use.


Main Features


  • Algorithmic Repricing Strategies
  • Performance Analytics
  • Listing + Competition Reporting
  • API + Integrations
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Suppressed Buy Box Setting
  • Includes Walmart and eBay


Pros of Informed.co Repricer


Informed.co is perhaps one of the easiest and most effective repricing software to use. Its set-up was designed to be friendly, even for beginners. Even if you get stuck with something or have a question about a particular setting or strategy, the support that Informed.co gives is top-notch.


You can set different rules for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and MF (Merchant Fulfillment), and you can even make your own rules if needed. And because there is a feature for performance analytics, you can see how your repricing strategies are doing at all times.


Another pro with Informed.co is they are dedicated to adding new features. Some of the newest that they have added are the following:


  • Sales over time, profit over time, and revenue over time at an SKU-level
  • Add VAT on a marketplace level
  • Ensure that your items will never be priced below their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
  • Supports multiple Amazon marketplaces by country.


Cons of Informed.co Repricer


It’s hard to find cons when dissecting Informed.co (formerly Appeagle). Perhaps they could expand the amount of items that can be viewed on a single page, as there are only 100 items on one page- but that is really only applicable for sellers who are selling thousands of products at once. Plans may also come off a bit expensive, but their dominant algorithms increase sales so much that the return is incredible.


Pricing: Monthly affordable plans, but pricing may depend on your monthly revenue. To learn more about pricing, visit the website.
Free Trial: 14 Days
Website: www.informed.co


You can download the exact informed.co algorithm strategies that our company used to generate millions of dollars in revenue for free below:


Using Informed.co (formerly AppEagle) Amazon Repricing Tool Win Buy Boxes: The Exact Strategy and Settings We Use - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

Informed.co Settings to

Win the Buy Box!

Download the free strategy guide and settings that we use for Informed.co.

RepricerExpress - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

2. RepricerExpress


Founded in 2001, RepricerExpress aims to help you increase your Amazon and eBay sales with advanced repricing. Its quick repricing allows sellers to take higher positions in the “Offer Listings” pages, improving product visibility. FBA and Featured Sellers can also snag spots in the buy box and the “more buying choices box” with RepricerExpress.


Main Features


  • Buy Box & Top 20 Listings
  • Clickable Results per Marketplace
  • View Products at Minimum, Maximum, and Lowest Price
  • Bulk Editing
  • Currency Settings
  • Template Rules
  • Filter Competitors


Pros of RepricerExpress


RepricerExpress does exactly what it says- continuous and instant repricing based on the strategies you have chosen. Like Informed.co, It also has great features including a seemingly easy interface. Signing up is quick and easy. You can create an account in 60 seconds and complete the setup within 15 minutes.


RepricerExpress also has a killer support team, including quick ticket turnaround times. They also provide plenty of educational resources that might be helpful to you as an Amazon seller.


Cons of RepricerExpress


The features may be just right, but at £39 (approximately $50) per month for 2,500 listings it can be a bit pricey, especially if there are more affordable amazon repricing tools in the market with similar features. Although RepricerExpress may be a good fit for those who are new to Amazon automated repricing, it is not as customizable for experienced users who are accustomed to more advanced settings.


Pricing: Starts at approximately $50 per month for 2,500 listings
Free Trial: 15 Days
Website: www.repricerexpress.com


BQool - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

3. BQool


BQool is a company that provides solutions to Amazon sellers. They have three different products, namely BigCentral, BigTracker Extension, and their repricing software which is called Repricing Central.


BQool’s Repricing Central helps with getting the buy box and close estimates on profit margins and product ROI. You can select competitors by ID to either include or exclude them from the competition.


Main Features


  • Min Price Protection and Price Drop Safety
  • Customize Repricing Rules
  • Schedule Repricing
  • Repricing History Log
  • Comprehensive Dashboard and Reports
  • Integration with InventoryLab
  • Filter Competitors


Pros of BQool


It’s always good to check on your competition, especially when you are an Amazon seller. BQool allows you to do this by using the auto-compete feature. You can choose from FBA, FBM, or even Amazon. The pricing is based on the number of listings you have. Of course, the more listings, the higher the price. But, what’s great is that BQool can hold up to 10,000+ items. It also currently supports the following marketplaces (by country):


  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Mexico


Cons of BQool


As mentioned, the price for each subscription will depend on the number of listings you have. If you reach 10,000 or more, you’ll have access to all of the features of BQool’s Repricing Central software. If you have fewer listings, you won’t be able to download reports or have access to Bulk ROI Settings.


Also, if you’re not in the $100/month bracket (10k and up listings), the repricing speed you get will be significantly slower. At $100/month, your products will be repriced within 5 minutes. For lesser plans, on the other hand, listings will be repriced within 15 minutes. In our experience, there have been glitches that have affected sales as well.


Pricing: Starts at $25 per month for 1,000 listings
Free Trial: 14 Days
Website: www.bqool.com


XSellco - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

4. Repricer.com by xSellco


Repricer.com by xSellco claims to be the fastest automated repricer for Amazon, although informed.co seems to adjust immediately as well.


Main Features


  • Bulk Actions
  • Pre-Defined Strategies
  • Search, Filter, Sort Data
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Last Sale Setting
  • Price Boundaries


Pros of Repricer.com by xSellco


When you use Repricer.com by xSellco, you get almost instant repricing. The software adapts almost immediately to the changes that your competitor makes. What most can appreciate is that you can actually book a demo and see how things work (and if it is indeed as fast as it claims). Some of its features even allow you to see which competitor is beating you to the buy box.


The price for the repricer starts at $79/month for 2,500 products. However, you can get better value for your money if you go for the next option which is the $249/month for 50,000 products. If you have items that are around this number and only need just the essential features, then you might find the $249/month more affordable compared to other repricing software for the same amount of listings.


Cons of Repricer.com by xSellco


You’ll immediately see that the software is a bit hard to navigate. If it’s your first time using this software, it can take some getting used to. The more you use it, the more you will learn where to find features and operate specific functions. It is also cloud-based so you have to expect some glitches and loading issues sporadically.


Pricing: Starts at $79 per month for 2,500 listings
Free Trial: 14 Days
Website: www.xsellco.com/repricer


Feedvisor - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

5. Feedvisor


Feedvisor is a company that provides different solutions for both brands and sellers. They offer a number of services including strategy and intelligence as well as managed services. As for its automated repricing software, it is AI-based and is continually optimizing prices based on your unique catalog.


Main Features


  • Amazon Business Pricing
  • Multi-Channel Pricing
  • ProductSphere™ Pricing
  • Predictive Business Intelligence
  • KPI & Dashboard Customization
  • MAP Insights
  • Onboarding Project Manager



Pros of Feedvisor


Feedvisor has plenty of features that can help you succeed, including multi-channel pricing and even liquidation pricing. Once you get a subscription, you’ll be able to see the performance dashboard as well as get insights with your inventory replenishment. It’s important to take note, though, that the features you will have access to will be dependent on the type of subscription you get.


Cons of Feedvisor


Feedvisor may be more suited to already established businesses or brands that are on Amazon. It does have Professional and Premium subscription types, but the features that it has may be more suited for an Enterprise (their third type of service subscription). When you visit the prices page, you’ll also notice that the prices have not been posted. This leaves you with inquiring back and forth about how much the cost is, or you can simply request for a demo.


Pricing: Unlisted on the Website
Free Trial: Request a Demo
Website: www.feedvisor.com/amazon-repricer


Aura - Amazon Repricing Tool - Sellerspaceship.com

6. Aura


Aura boasts that their repricer uses automatic artificial intelligence and machine learning which reacts and learns from changes on the listing to win you the buy box.


They have 3 pre-configured strategies to choose from as well as the ability to set a custom strategy. These pre-configured strategies are set to either compete with featured merchants only, the lowest priced offer, or the Buy Box directly. The custom strategy option has settings based on competitors like to exclude Amazon, back-ordered sellers, and sellers with longer handling time, with the option to base price on ROI, profit margin, or fixed profit.


Main Features


  • Automatic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Pre-Configured and Custom Repricing Strategies
  • All-Inclusive Pricing Tiers
  • Integrations with InventoryLab and Inventory Source
  • Revenue Analytics with Reports for Repricing and Sales
  • Supports Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon.com.mx Marketplaces


Pros of Aura


Aura’s easy to use interface, pre-configured strategies, and dashboard analytics, make it quick and simple to get everything up and running and to monitor performance going forward. And since their pricing tier is all-inclusive you also don’t have to worry about up-charges for certain features.
They also claim to reprice inventory within an average of 1.5-2 minutes of a price change being submitted by Amazon’s API.

Cons of Aura


Aura is missing some features of other repricers, like the ability to reprice on a schedule and to include or exclude specific competitors based on ID. If you have products in other marketplaces outside of the US, Canada, and Mexico, then Aura won’t be able to reprice in those marketplaces. Also, the integration with InventoryLab is not synced as often compared to some of their competition.


Pricing: Annual plan starts at $77 per month for 50k listings and the monthly plan starts at $97 for 50k listings.
Free Trial: 14 Days
Website: www.goaura.com


Which Amazon Repricing Tool Should You Get?


For those who are new to using repricing software for Amazon, it’s important to know that each one has specific features that can be more useful to your business. It’s a good idea for you to try out the software first by doing the trial period to see what works and what doesn’t. Ultimately, you should know your business and unique needs well enough to choose the best one.


We highly recommend informed.com based on our experience, but there may be other Amazon repricers that fit your business model better.


You can download the exact private settings we use in our repricer strategy on Informed.co below for free.


Choose wisely!

Using Informed.co (formerly AppEagle) Amazon Repricing Tool Win Buy Boxes: The Exact Strategy and Settings We Use - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

See Our Private Settings to

Win the Buy Box!

Download the free strategy guide and settings that we use for Informed.co.


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