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If you are an online arbitrage seller in the Amazon marketplace, you’ve probably heard of premium lead list services that help supply you with product leads to buy and resell. In this blog, we are going to break down what these services are, as well as provide you with a free template to use when sourcing your own online arbitrage leads.


What are Premium Online Arbitrage Sourcing Lead Lists?


If you are just getting started, you may end up purchasing leads from a paid lead service to save yourself time. These online arbitrage lists are usually delivered in an organized spreadsheet packed with metrics such as supply and demand, ROI, profit, and other potentials. The lists are also fantastic ways to learn niche product areas on the internet to source products.


Sourcing is arguably the single largest time-suck in the online arbitrage business model, so lead lists are mega-popular because they provide such a high volume of daily leads for a small monthly fee.


These lists usually range from $100-$200 per month and deliver 100-250+ leads per month to each subscriber. Most quality premium lists are often sold out with waiting lists. They are usually capped at a limited number of members (say 50) to give each member of the list an opportunity to make good buys and profits, and to protect the integrity of the leads.


Online Arbitrage List Availability


If you are interested in joining one of our premium lists, you can see if we have any available openings here: www.fbaleadlist.com. If the list is full, you can add your email to join the waitlist for when a spot opens up. Email us directly if you have any questions or want to check how long the wait is: hello@fbaleadlist.com. We’ve been reselling on Amazon since 2013 and have a giant team of manual sourcers who are experts at finding optimal leads for resale. We are totally chill, so don’t be shy if you have any questions. 


Internal Lead Lists for Online Arbitrage Sourcing


If you are manually sourcing yourself (which we also highly recommend learning the process), you’ll need somewhere to store your leads for further analysis. If you are at a point where you are hiring virtual assistants to find leads for you, then you’ll need a document where they can also store lead information that they find. This document is usually passed to the buyer (or you) daily for further analysis and purchase. Delegating the task of sourcing created a huge leap forward in the automation of our business models.


Free Template For Saving the Leads Your Team Finds


To save you time, we’ve created a template which is the exact format we use to compile our leads that eventually end up on our premium lead lists. If you are manually sourcing, this template will help you compile your information or train your assistants to do so. 




Inventory Template - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

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Once you open the template, you can view the header column to see what metric information is included.  The template we included has 3 examples on it. The information presented in the columns includes:


Columns for the Buyer to fill out:

(these aren’t required, but it’s how our team relays information from the buyer to the administrative assistant for inventory tracking.)


  • Quantity – How many units were purchased, and at what unit price?
  • Order # – The order # from the purchase.
  • Notes – Any notes the buyer needs to share with the admin assistant.


Columns filled out by sourcing team:


  • Product Name -Usually the title of the Amazon product listing page.
  • Retailer – The retail store name.
  • Retailer Link – Link to the page where the item is for sale on the retail site.
  • Amazon Link (ASIN) – Link to Amazon listing page.
  • Buy Price – Price that unit can be purchased for.
  • Sell Price – Price that unit is currently selling for on Amazon.
  • Net Profit – Estimated net profit after fee calculations if item sells at the current sell price.
  • ROI – Estimated ROI.
  • 90 Day Average Rank – The average rank of the product of the last 90 days.
  • Current Ranking – The current rank of the product.
  • Category – The parent category of the product.
  • # of FBA Sellers – How many direct competitors are on the listing?
  • Deal/Discount Codes – Any promotional codes or coupons needed to get the lowest possible buy price.
  • Deal Expiration Date – When the promo codes, coupons, sales expire.
  • Source Notes – Any notes that the buyer needs to be aware of.


Within our team, this information is compiled and then submitted to the buyers who analyze it and make necessary purchases.



Inventory Template - Online Arbitrage - Sellerspaceship.com

Get a FREE Inventory Template!

Stay organized and on top of your inventory!


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