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The Great Amazon Pee Heist


Do you remember a few years ago when Amazon had to apologize to congress for the uprising issue of Amazon delivery drivers peeing in bottles and jugs?

Now, Comedian Oobah Butler recently gamed the Amazon system, turning bottles of Amazon driver’s piss into a #1 best seller on Amazon itself—as an “energy drink” called Release.


Image from vice


Butler filmed the entire process as part of The Great Amazon Heist, which aired on Chanel 4 in the UK last month. 




Global Ecommerce Forecasts for 2023 Holiday Season


Businesswire recently released a list of global ecommerce trends expected to rage during the 2023 holiday season:

Some Predicted Purchasing Trends (Q4 2023 vs 2022):

  • Global eCommerce transactions are expected to increase by 14%.
  • For transaction volume growth, Cyber Monday is expected to have the biggest increase at 19%. It is followed by the Sunday prior to Cyber Monday (9%), the Saturday after Black Friday (5%), and Thanksgiving (2%)
  • The leading sector in predicted transaction volume growth is Gaming (180%), followed by telco (12%), retail (9%), and travel (3%).

You can download the full report here


Amazon’s New Fulfillment Network is Speeeeeeedy


During a Q3 earnings call, Amazon president and CEO Andy Jassy said that Amazon’s shift to a regional fulfillment network earlier this year has “exceeded” company expectations. 

The regional shift has resulted in shorter delivery routes and faster delivery speeds mainly due to higher stock levels and improved connectivity between different Amazon facilities. 

Jassy adds that Amazon is on pace to deliver the fastest delivery speeds for Prime customers in Amazon’s 29-year history

Will the increase in delivery speed usher in a higher velocity of sales? 



Read the full story here.


FTC Throws 1-2 Puncharoo


In the ongoing FTC vs Amazon lawsuit, The Federal Trade Commission leveled two serious allegations against Amazon.

Allegation 1: Amazon utilized a price-gouging algorithm to prompt rival sites to raise prices

According to the FTC, Amazon used an algorithm codenamed “Project Nessie” which enabled Amazon to generate $1 billion in extra profits by manipulating pricing on the marketplace. 

Allegation 2:  Amazon flooded search results with junk ads to jack up Amazon profits while leading shoppers to higher-priced products

The FTC also claims that Jeff Bezos personally directed Amazon executives in a meeting to tolerate a higher number of ‘defects,’ referring to irrelevant ads in response to customer queries, aiming to boost the overall volume of ads to increase profits. 

Amazon spokesperson Tim Doyle called the FTC’s claim “baseless and irresponsible.”



Amazon’s Halloween Faux Pas


Amazon ruffled a lot of sellers’ feathers when it sent out a “playful” post on X which seemed to encourage shoppers to return Halloween costumes after having worn them for the occasion. 

The now deleted post:



They obviously didn’t take into account how Amazon also loses money when someone returns a product—especially one that probably can’t be resold.



Bezos Shares Video of First Amazon Office



Watch here. It’s killer.


AI Caramba! This Week in AI + Ecomm



  • Online Sellers Are Embracing AI: Amazon and Shopify sellers are using AI to maximize time, gain a better understanding of their customers, and increase profits. 
  • Amazon Empowering Advertisers with AI: Amazon is gearing up to empower advertisers with the capabilities of generative AI. 
  • Google Begins Rollout of Product Studio: Google has started the rollout of Product Studio, a set of artificial intelligence tools merchants can use to create and manage product imagery. 
  • Shopify Turns to AI: Shopify will be relying on AI tools like Shopify Magic to give its sellers a competitive edge. 
  • Intellectual Property at Risk because of AI? An ecommerce expert warns that the intellectual property of businesses is at risk if employees are allowed to use AI without proper checks and balances.


Important Amazon Updates for Yo’ Bad Seller Self



BNPL Added to Amazon Business Platform

Through its partnership with Affirm, Amazon has added “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) to its Amazon Business platform. Eligible businesses will be able to make use of this payment option by Black Friday (November 24). In turn, approved customers will be able to access “customized pay-over-time” options on terms between three and 48 months.

Read the full story here.


New Business Hour Delivery Rate for Seller Fulfilled Orders

Amazon has launched a new business hour delivery rate for SF orders sent to Amazon Business and Business Prime customers with commercial addresses. 

According to Amazon, “this new metric measures the number of Amazon Business shipments delivered on the first attempt within business hours, which is a percentage of your total Amazon Business shipments in a 30-day period.” 

Learn more about the new metric here.

View the full announcement here.


Premium A+ Content Eligibility Requirements Updated

Amazon has updated the eligibility requirements for Premium A+ Content. The new eligibility requirements are:

  • Brand Story Module published on ALL your brand-owned product listings
  • Five approved A+ Content modules in the last 12 months

A banner notification will appear in your A+ Content Manager once your brand is enrolled and eligible.

Read the full announcement here


This Week in Seller School



Here is a roundup of learning resources for this week:

Blog Posts

  • Amazon Product Lab Testing Requirements: An Essential Guide by Compliance Gate
  • Bid for a Higher Inventory Limit with FBA Capacity Manager by SoStocked
  • A Guide to Amazon Advertising Report Types by Gorilla ROI
  • How to Understand and Reach a Targeted Audience in a Cookieless Ecommerce World by Carbon 6



Upcoming Seller Events 📍


Here are a few upcoming industry events that you might be interested in. Slick that hair back and start mingling, playa!


AMZ Innovate (November 13-14, 2023) – New York City, NY

Build new connections, learn about new innovative tactics and cutting-edge technology, and gain a better understanding of the ways in which Amazon businesses are leveraging new ideas to improve their bottom line. 


Seller Fest Online (November 14-18) – Virtual

25+ Amazon experts will show you how to launch winning products, build a successful Amazon business, and increase sales. 


Nashville eCommerce Summit (December 12, 2023) – Nashville, TN

“A one-day gathering of local eCommerce experts and decision-makers across retailers, brands, merchants, and solutions providers. 


Titan Holiday Party (December 13 – Austin TX; December 15 – Clearwater, FL;  December 21-  Los Angeles, CA)

“Connect with other sellers, learn from each other, and form real relationships with people who share your goals.” 


Other Quick Clicks


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