If you’re an Inventory Lab user, you probably already know that subscription fees have already gone up.


Updated Inventory Lab Cost


Here is how pricing now looks:

Monthly Subscription: $69/month (previously $49)

Annual Subscription: $690/year (previously $490)


Glad to see that you still get 17% off when you subscribe annually. That’s huge if you intend on becoming a long-time user.


We’re not gonna lie, the timing seems bad considering Amazon’s Q4 fee increases and inflation at an all-time high.


Is Inventory Lab Still Worth It?


Despite the increase? YES. We definitely believe so. Here’s why:


Reason 1: They haven’t raised prices in forever.


We can’t even recall the last time Inventory Lab raised its subscription fees. And while the $20 increase is a bit steep, we have to consider that their operational expenses have definitely gone up which likely warrants the price hike.


Reason 2: Their terrific hardworking development team


Inventory Lab’s development team is very consistent when it comes to improving and expanding the web app to help Amazon sellers run their businesses more efficiently.


They’ve introduced a good number of features and tools and consistently addressed software bugs for efficient inventory and data management and profitability tracking.


Inventory Lab also has two exciting new releases this year:


The first is Insights, an advanced tier report feature. This add-on-service costs an additional $25 a month, and will give you access to the Restock report and other advanced features for high level inventory and data management for your Amazon business.


The second big release is ScoutX, a browser extension that promises next-level product research for sellers doing online arbitrage.


As per their newsletter, ScoutX will enable you to:


  • Calculate profit instantly on an Amazon detail page
  • View product restrictions
  • See all product variations
  • View Sales Rank and Price History of a product with an interactive graph


Here’s small taste:


Amazon Product Research:



Product Detail Page:







Reason 3: Unlimited Employee Accounts


This is AWESOME.


All subscriptions will now include unlimited employee accounts AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Delegation is one of the keys to scale your Amazon business, and now you can give all your VA’s access to Inventory Lab’s various tools and features as they work on different aspects of your business. Really, really cool.


Reason 4: Inventory Lab is a true game changer for the Amazon Seller


Inventory Lab is our favorite inventory management software solution, and in this review, we explain why.


Inventory Lab still offers a free 30-day trial if you’re interested to try it out.


If you are an Inventory Lab user and have more insights about the web app, or if you have questions or concerns about it, let us know in the comments!


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