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Nike Cracks Down on Counterfeit Products – But Some Authentic Sellers Caught in Crossfire


Nike recently launched an aggressive campaign to rid Amazon of counterfeit products, but in classic Amazon fashion, some veteran resellers of authentic Nike products have had their payouts frozen or worse, accounts suspended too. 

There is GOOD NEWS: Paul Rafelson, an attorney who helps e-commerce sellers, is offering free legal assistance to upstanding sellers who have been affected by the Nike TRO. 

In this LinkedIn post, he assures everyone that Nike isn’t going after resellers who sell authentic Nike goods. 

“We will be taking this up with the Attorney general’s office because this keeps happening. Small business owners keep getting hurt.”

If your account has been impacted by this crackdown, open a ticket with the SellerBasics team at and they will provide assistance to get the matter resolved. This free assistance is also open to non-SellerBasics members.

Cheers Paul!


A Breakdown of the Top 10k Sellers on Amazon


Smartscout released a nifty report on the top 10,000 sellers in the Amazon Marketplace and what makes them unique. 

One big takeaway: over ⅓ of the top 10,000 sellers are selling multiple brands, and 19% are resellers of 20 brands or more. 

Here is a breakdown of the main category that the top 10k sellers are product dominant in:



As with any market in the history of the world, reselling will always have a place and purpose, and according to this report, are growing on average 93.48% annually. 

Yea baby.


A Few Important Updates for Q4


Amazon Returns Window Extended for 2022 Holidays – Amazon has revised the return window from previous years to “ensure most early holiday shoppers’ purchases during the new Prime Early Access Sale will also be eligible.”

This update expands the return window until January 31, 2023 for products purchased as early as October 11 and on through December 25th. 

Fee Changes this Q4 – Hopefully this Q4 your FBA inventory will be flying off the shelves like being launched from a bazooka. However, if you are packing the warehouses with excessive inventory, remember that storage fees from October to December will be higher (by as much as 3x, sigh) compared to the first nine months of the year. Also, take note of the peak holiday fulfillment surcharge that will take effect on October 15 until January 14th. This surcharge will average around $0.35. View the peak fee amounts here. (must be logged into Seller Central)


Amazon Shopping Events Calendar and Holiday Gift Guide Ideas


This calendar is more for brand owners, but the info is totally relevant for all sellers and worth a glance to help predict peak selling opportunities. View the shopping events calendar here.

Amazon has also released a holiday gift guide that may help you populate ideas for sourcing for Q4. Remember that gift-giving is constantly in season, so this can still be a great source of information after the holidays commence.


Demystifying the Amazon Best Seller Rank


The Amazon Best Seller Rank is the most important indicator for understanding which products are worth investing in. This informative blog post from SellerEngine answers most of the questions sellers have about the BSR – from what it actually is, how it’s computed, and most importantly, how to find profitable products through BSR analysis. An informative read for newer sellers.


Awesome Learning Opportunities in Ecommerce


Both events are FREE – all you have to do is register!

Amazon Q4 Mastery (Powered by SellerApp) (October 21-22), this event will feature 9 speakers and 7 deep-dive sessions on various Q4-related topics such as hacking D2C growth, 2022 Q4 predictions, product listing optimization, Q4 advertising strategies, ensuring extra profits, proactive inventory management, and effective repricing. 

Make It Big 2022 Virtual Conference – (held September 13-14) – Replays are now available featuring keynote speakers such as Seth Godin, John Merris, and leading experts in e-commerce, crypto, Web3 and NFTs, the conference is a virtual treasure trove of valuable information about the next phase of online commerce.


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