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SlickPie: Best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers - Seller Spaceship

SlickPie for Amazon: A Quick Look

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Key Features Summary

Automated Receipt Data Entry; Online Invoicing; Multi-Currency; Paypal, Stripe & Credit Card Processing; Quotes & Estimates; Expense Tracking; Bills Management; Sales Tax Tracking; Live Bank Feeds; Bank Transactions Reconciliation; Financial Performance Reporting; Set Up Recurring Invoices; Late Payment Reminders; Add Multiplie Companies & Users; Transactions History; Bank Grade Security; Multiple Devices Compatibility; Source Document Upload Feature


Dropbox Business, Stripe, Paypal

What is SlickPie?

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Founded by Nick Chandi in 2015, SlickPie is one of, if not the most well-known free Amazon Accounting Software available today. Catering mostly to small businesses, SlickPie addresses all the accounting needs of microbusinesses with its highly functional suite of tools. SlickPie has users from over 100 countries and continues to get excellent reviews for the expense management experience the software provides.

Let’s Talk Features


This Slick Pie automated receipt data entry tool eliminates the need to enter data manually into your books by taking information from your bills and receipts and converting them into digital data. All you need to do is upload your bills and receipts to a Dropbox folder and Magicbot will read them and automatically create automatic transactions which include important information such as vendor name, transaction date, due date, amount, taxes, etc in Slickpie. Once Magicbot does its work, all you need to do is to review the transaction created and approve. Also, since all the source documents are attached to the transactions, your business is well-protected in the case of an audit.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Online Invoicing

Like most efficient accounting software solutions, Slick Pie has an automated online invoicing feature that allows you to easily send invoices based on Slickpie pre-set themes or customized ones to your clients. You can set it up to send recurring or repeat invoices, use it to accept direct payments, handle returns and apply credits to existing invoices, and manage your cash flow more efficiently by setting up expected payment dates, review overdue invoices, set up payment reminders, and bulk send invoices and statements to all your clients in just one go.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship


This SlickPie feature enables you to manage your business finances more easily if you deal with international customers and vendors. It will automatically convert financial information such as transaction amount, subtotal, and applied taxes to the rate of currency you select. Also, while this feature allows you to receive payment and send invoices in any foreign currency, SlickPie will still display all the data in your business reports using the default currency that you have set for quick and easy access to your financial data.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Payment Processing

For you and your client’s convenience, SlickPie processes payments made to you via PayPal, Stripe, and all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In all of its transactions, SlickPie uses encrypted data to ensure security.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Quotes and Estimates

This feature allows you to create quotes and estimates quickly and easily. You can send a complete breakdown of the sale which contains the following information: product name, product description, price, and applied taxes. In the case that you can’t provide the exact details of a sale, you may also use approximate values that can be used to conclude the sale.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Expense Tracking

SlickPie makes it easy to track your personal and business expenses, as these can be recorded and categorized in preset or customized categories in the accounting software. You have the option to enter these expenses manually or use Magicbot to automate the process. Source documents can be attached to each expense, and all these are linked to all of SlickPie’s reports so that you can easily gauge the financial health of your business.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Bills Management

SlickPie enables you to easily track the cash that comes in and goes out of your business. Simply enter any new bill that you receive into the system (including the most relevant details such as dates, amounts, vendor, product and quantity), and SlickPie will automatically sync all the information from the bill with your financial data, allowing you to easily track every dollar that comes in and goes out of your business.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Sales Tax Tracking

Managing your business taxes is easier because of this feature. You can input any kind of applied taxes such as municipal, state, regional, provincial, or federal into your company account, use different terms or names for each type of tax, and link specifically applied taxes to particular products or recurring transactions. SlickPie’s automation feature enables you to quickly see the total amount of sales tax on a quarterly basis as it makes the computation of your sales tax situation much easier.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Live Bank Feeds

You can easily link your account to SlickPie to get unlimited live bank feeds that will allow you to monitor your balance and cash flow with relative ease. This feature is available to almost all major banks across the globe and helps you optimize your ability to organize your accounting.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Bank Transaction Reconciliation

This SlickPie feature ensures that the numbers in your business books and bank accounts always match. Once data from your bank accounts, credit cards, and PayPal transactions are imported to the accounting software, SlickPie will synchronize and update your business books and bank accounts, and provide you with accurate cash flow figures. Every transaction done within the last year can be easily reconciled within minutes.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Financial Performance Reporting

You can easily access business data that gives you insight into your business’s financial health through SlickPie’s financial performance reporting feature. It provides unlimited access to vital business reports such as Aged Payable, Aged Receivable, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Journal Reports, and many more. These reports come with direct links to all indexed source transactions and may also be customized to show data from specific time periods.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Multiple Users Feature

This feature allows you to add an unlimited number of companies and users to your account, making it easier to manage all of your businesses and people in a single platform.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Transactions History

SlickPie makes it easy for you to have full control over your financial transactions. This accounting software helps you easily monitor sent invoices, created bills, bank reconciliations, or any activity that involves cash movement. Also, you’ll be able to see important transaction details such as dates, amount paid, amount received, related transactions and the likes.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Bank-Grade Security

This guarantees that your accounting and business data will remain safe, secure, and backed up to multiple redundant data centers. Server communication utilizes military-grade 256-bit encryption that protects your data, and the software is deployed on a world-class network to ensure the highest level of security.

Compatibility with All Devices

SlickPie works on all devices. It runs on PC or Mac, and the SlickPie team is working overtime to bring full responsiveness and functionality to mobile devices that run on Android, iOs, and Windows.

SlickPie: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

What We Love about It – The Pros

Ease of Use

SlickPie is simple, well-designed, and organized. It has a low learning curve and once you familiarize yourself with the software, you’ll find it fairly easy to navigate. SlickPie also provides its users with a help center that has informative how-to articles and guides in case users encounter issues while using the software.

Great Set of Features

Geared specifically towards smaller ventures, SlickPie’s feature set and automation make it ideal for businesses that require basic accounting, invoicing, automated data entry, and the ability to accept payments online. It’s also very easy to use, and you won’t need the assistance of an accountant to balance your books.

It’s Free

Yes, you read that right. SlickPie is 100% free and it is hands down the best and most accessible option for Amazon business owners who are in immediate need of an accounting software solution but are working with limited budgets. The free plan gives you access to all SlickPie accounting management features and also allows you to manage multiple businesses (10 for the free plan) as well. SlickPie also has an affordable paid plan ($39.95/month) which allows you to manage up to 50 businesses and gives you access to phone support (free plan only offers email support).

What We’re Not Crazy About – The Cons

(Kindly take note that the observations noted here were made during the time of the review. Information presented here will be updated if applicable.)

Customer Support Issues

Some users have reported encountering issues with the responsiveness of SlickPie’s customer support team. One user reported that nowadays it took at least three days to get an email reply from a customer service representative after reporting an issue. It’s also important to note that phone support is now limited to the paid plan. While SlickPie offers a help center and other support options, we hope that SlickPie has received these reports and are now working on resolving these customer support issues.

Software Limitations

While SlickPie has a great set of features, it is far from being a complete accounting solution, and has some obvious limitations:

  • Minimal integration options – only three integrations (PayPal, Stripe and Dropbox) available.
  • Some features such as financial reporting and invoicing lack sophistication and level of depth compared to its competitors.
  • No project management, time tracking, or inventory management capabilities offered.
  • Not always intuitive, and navigation and onboarding process could use some improvement.

Lack of Growth

SlickPie does a lot of things really well, but the software has significant room for improvement. One concern that we have is that since 2017, we haven’t seen any significant change or improvement made to the program.

Our Final Take: Should You Get SlickPie?

Please read before proceeding:

We participate in affiliate programs to fund Seller Spaceship. Some of the links you will find in our articles are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product using our link, we will earn a small commision. This does not, however, come with any additional cost to you, and we guarantee that our reviews will never be based on whether we will earn a commision off a product or not. We stand by our mission to provide objective and informative reviews. That being said, if you do find our product/service review helpful and decide to purchase a product or service we review, we would really appreciate it if you use our links to do so. It will really help the Seller Spaceship team a lot in providing you with awesome content that can hopefully help your business!

If you are a small Amazon seller operating on a very limited budget, the answer is YES. At no cost, you get to equip your business with a sound accounting software solution that will help you manage your books efficiently.

For an Amazon FBA seller just starting out, SlickPie’s free plan has all the features you will need to manage the accounting side of your business account, which at this point, has simple needs and is relatively easy to manage. It can ensure that you are fully aware of the financial health of your business at all times, making it easier to make sound business decisions that will help your venture flourish.

As your business starts to grow, however, its accounting needs start to become more complex. Having the right Amazon FBA Accounting Software becomes imperative at this point as inefficient bookkeeping may lead to legal and financial penalties or even more serious consequences. At this point in your business, you may want to start looking at providers that specifically cater to Amazon sellers such as A2X, Fetcher, Webgility, and Sellerboard. (Dannah, link to the reviews of these accounting software)
Is there anything you love about SlickPie that we weren’t able to mention in the article? Is there a feature that has really helped your business that you’d like to share? Do you have more questions about this awesome Amazon FBA Accounting Software? Post a comment and join in on the discussion. We’d love to hear from you!



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