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It’s now August, and as early as now we already feel that Q4 is upon us.


For those of us in the Amazon game, we know that toys are among, if not the hottest selling products come Q4. While they sell well throughout the year, sales go through the roof from October until the 2nd week of December, so it’s very important that you have a sound selling strategy in place to make the most out of this very lucrative season. We made this blog post to help you with your planning, so read up to stay updated.


Let’s start off with possible updates in the Toys and Games category.


THE GOOD NEWS: There aren’t any new restrictions that will limit us FBA sellers from selling products in this category this year. We reached out to Seller Central recently, and were informed that there are no current updates to policies in the Toys and Games category.


There are however, still existing policies that we all have to be aware of that may affect our capacity to sell in the Toys and Games category:


Holiday Selling Requirements:

This only affects FBM sellers. For FBM sellers to be approved to be able to sell this holiday season, these conditions must be fulfilled:

  • their first sale must be prior to September 2021
  • they must have been able to fulfill at least 25 orders from August to October;
  • Pre fulfillment Cancel Rate is not greater than 1.75% from September to October;
  • Late Shipment must not be greater that 4% from September to October;
  • Order defect Rate must not be greater than 1% as of October


So if you sell via FBA, this doesn’t affect you.


Pro Tip: If you are an FBA seller who has done merchant- fulfilled previously and meet these requirements, adding FBM can be a good idea to your Q4 selling strategy. Keep in mind that if you sell via FBA exclusively, there is a cutoff date that you have to observe when sending products you wish to sell for Christmas Shopping to Amazon fulfillment centers (products you wish to sell for Christmas shopping on Amazon should already be in fulfillment centers by December 1). Adding FBM allows you to keep selling items beyond this cutoff date, when sales are still very high.


Policy on Toys Intended for Use of 12 Years Olds and Below:

Amazon now requires that toys intended for the use of 12 years old and Below meet Federal Safety Standards. Take note that if you have toys for children ages 12 and below already for sale, Amazon may request that you provide toy safety documentation for compliance.


Log in to your seller central account and follow this link to see Amazon’s policy for selling in Toys and Games in the US Marketplace.


Also, Amazon has emphasized certain toys for children aged 12 years old and below, so if you plan on sourcing the following toys or have them in your inventory, make sure that you check the Help articles for the following products:


Children’s Products
Fidget Spinners
Invisible Ink Pens
Magnetic Building Tiles
Squishy Toys


We hope that this blog post helped you in planning for your Q4 strategy, and if you have any questions and concerns regarding products in the Toys and Games category, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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