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New Dedicated Amazon Support Address for Escalating and Appealing Cases


According to a new quick video by CJ Rosenbaum (could be BS), Amazon now has a new dedicated email address where sellers can escalate issues or appeal decisions. We haven’t been able to verify this with any other source yet. In theory, the email address will help sellers connect with the appropriate Amazon support department to resolve cases faster. Wishful thinking? Probably…but it’s worth a shot.


Make sure to save this contact:  escalation-resolution@amazon.com


Jungle Scout Releases Detailed Report on Categories Impacted by Inflation


Inflation is at an all-time high, and it has significantly changed how consumers make purchases and spend their bling. In this savvy report from Jungle Scout, you’ll see how inflation has affected the revenue, sales and median product prices of various product categories. The JS team also shares a few strategies you can implement to mitigate the effects of inflation on your FBA business. 


Source: Jungle Scout

Amazon is Offering a 25% ‘Referral Fee Discount’ to Drive Sales of Excess Inventory


A recent Amazon announcement states that they are “offering a referral fee discount of up to 25% on select ASINs to help you drive sales of excess inventory and improve your cash flow and sell-through rate. Based on seller comments and reactions though, this may not be as good as it sounds. 


New Amazon Sustainability Report Shows 18% Surge in Carbon Intensity 


Amazon’s recent sustainability report states that carbon intensity from its operations increased by a whopping 18% in 2021. They blame it on the surge of new e-commerce sellers joining the marketplace during the pandemic. Read the full article here.


The Speed of Money is Important


Last week our friend Chris Grant shared “a short for amazon sellers” on Instagram about the power of high velocity selling with slightly lower ROI versus slower selling with a higher ROI.


View all of the slides here.


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