How to Manually Estimate the Amount of Inventory to Buy and Resell in Every Online Arbitrage Category and Rank - Online Arbitrage -
In our last post, we broke down the complete process of evaluating a lead to buy and resell on Amazon within your online arbitrage business.




Once you evaluate an online arbitrage lead and decide you want to resell it on Amazon, you have to estimate how many units you want to purchase. This can be a complicated process unless you are an expert and estimating sales velocity within specific Amazon selling categories and product niches.


Instead of breaking the entire process down into this blog, we’ve created a free 19-page guide that you can download below.


Buy Like a Pro - Online Arbitrage -


Buy Like a Pro! A Cheat Sheet for Estimating Buys in Every Online Arbitrage Rank and Category



In this guide, you will learn how to estimate units to buy and resell in every Amazon category and rank.  This will help you can make the most optimal buying decisions and maximize your profits and cash flow.


After you’ve decided how many units of inventory you are going to buy, it’s important to make sure you are getting the lowest possible cost for the units you are buying.


In our next post, we cover a few quick strategies for buying online arbitrage resale products at the lowest possible cost.


If you are looking for high-quality Online Arbitrage lead lists, check out



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