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Fetcher By Amazon: Best Accounting Software - Seller Spaceship

Fetcher for Amazon: A Quick Look

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SaaS (Cloud Web App)


Startup - $19/month
Business - $39/month
Enterprise - $99/month

Key Features Summary

Sales & Profit Reporting; Expense Tracking; Returns and Refunds Tracking; Individual Product Reporting


Amazon (US, UK, CA, MX, DE, ES, FR, IT)

What is Fetcher for Amazon?

The Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers: Fetcher For Amazon

Founded by Greg Mercer in 2015, Fetcher is a cloud-based Amazon FBA Accounting Software solution that promises to provide its users with quick and easy access to financial insights that accurately reflect the standing of their business. Fetcher, which was created by a team of highly experienced Amazon sellers, software engineers, and data experts, enables users to easily manage their accounting and financial data. A part of a suite of premium Amazon seller apps which include Jungle Scout, Jump Send, and Splitify, Fetcher has a very high approval rating from its users, 93% of whom claim that they consider it to be an essential part of running their business.

Let’s Talk Features

Amazon Integration and Marketplace Coverage

Fetcher directly syncs to your Amazon Seller account and imports your historical data automatically. It also allows you to connect an unlimited number of seller accounts. Currently, this Amazon FBA Accounting Software solution supports all North American (US, CA, MX), and European (UK, DE, FR, ES, IT) marketplaces.

The Fetcher Analytics Dashboards

Fetcher’s Analytic Dashboards give you quick access to very important data points that you can analyze to help you make more effective decisions for your Amazon FBA business. Off the bat, you see your sales figures, the number of units you’ve sold, your costs, profit and profit margin percentage. There is also a bar chart that displays your daily orders, and this set of data can be configured to show you order information from specific time periods of up to 1 year.

The Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers: Fetcher For Amazon

The next data sets allow you to effectively manage your inventory.

The product table on the left displays your products. If you enter your order lead time for your product, Fetcher, using your sales volume data, will inform you when exactly you’ll need to reorder to prevent your product from going out of stock. The table follows a color coding system to tell you the status of your SKUS (Red – Order Immediately; Orange – Order Coming Up, Gray – Well-Stocked).

The Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers: Fetcher For Amazon - Seller Spaceship

On the right, there is a pie chart that provides a visual representation of how your capital is being spent. You’ll see your order fees, cost of goods sold, shipping fees and Pay-Per-Click costs and the percentage of their spend to your total.

Sales and Profit

Click on Sales and Profit and you’ll see a bar graph that gives you a visual representation of your revenue against your profit. 

The gray bars represent your total sales, while the sky blue bars represent your profit.

The Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers: Fetcher For Amazon - Seller Spaceship
There is also a more detailed and in-depth analysis on an SKU level available below this bar chart. Also, there is a time-range selector that allows you to view Sales and Profit data from specific time periods from the past year.

Expense Tracking

Fetcher is also bookkeeping software for Amazon Sellers.

When you make a sale on Amazon, it “fetches” the SKU of the sold item from the sales report and adds it to your Expenses interface. You may then input your per-unit-cost and inbound shipping cost (the cost to get the product from the manufacturer to the FBA warehouse) for accurate bookkeeping.

The Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers: Fetcher For Amazon - Seller Spaceship

Refunds Management

This feature allows you to monitor your returns and refunds and enables you to understand how it’s impacting your business.

The Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers: Fetcher For Amazon - Seller Spaceship

Product Breakdown

Fetcher enables you to view the stats of your products by ASIN to help you monitor key product metrics and gauge their effects on your net income.

This feature enables you to view specific data relating to your daily sales by product. You can also sort the data by pending units + promo rebates + complete units sold.

The Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers: Fetcher For Amazon - Seller Spaceship
If you wish to view a visual representation of your daily Campaign Manager Ad Spend, just scroll down further.
The Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers: Fetcher For Amazon - Seller Spaceship

Profit and Loss Statement

Fetcher provides two data sets in its Profit and Loss statement: Revenue and Expenses.

If you wish to view a visual representation of your daily Campaign Manager Ad Spend, just scroll down further.

  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Reimbursements
  • Promos

The Expenses table provides you the following data:

  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Inbound Shipping
  • Reshipping
  • Recurring fees (data is available for both FBA and FBM)
  • Orders Fees
  • PPC
  • Tax

What We Love about It – The Pros

Fetcher Pricing

This Amazon FBA Accounting Software for Sellers is the most affordable one available in the market today. At $19, its introductory plan (which covers up to 2,500 orders) is within the immediate reach of sellers who are just starting out. The next plan tiers are also very modestly priced. The Business plan, which covers up to 5,000 orders is priced at $39, and the Enterprise plan, which covers an unlimited number of orders only goes for $99. Moreover, Fetcher also offers a free and lengthy 31-day trial which will allow you to determine if Fetcher is the solution you need at no added cost.

Eases the Burden of Tracking Your Finances

If you have very little knowledge of financial management and accounting, digging through convoluted Excel sheet reports from Amazon Seller Central is pretty much a fool’s errand. It consumes valuable hours you could have dedicated to growing your business. Fetcher will save you a lot of time and energy (users have reported that they have been able to save at least 14 hours a month since using Fetcher) by doing all the heavy lifting. It will manage all your data from a centralized source, run your profit calculations, and provide you with financial metrics reports. This frees you up from this tedious, time-consuming task, and will especially prove to be a big help come tax time.

Ease of Use

Fetcher’s simplicity allows new users to maximize its capabilities almost immediately. The user interface is sleek, clean, and very easy to master. The software also does an excellent job in ensuring that the user has immediate access to accurate and up-to-date key metrics via the software’s synchronized calculations which run every five minutes. Another thing that we love is that you won’t experience information overload because everything is broken down into easy-to-understand, straightforward reports and visual representations you can easily interpret and analyze.

It Will Help Drive Your Business Forward

The data you get from Fetcher is easily actionable and will help you make crucial business decisions that can hasten the growth of your business. We believe it is mainly because the developers of the software are Amazon sellers themselves so they have an in-depth knowledge on the specific types of data a seller would need. It enables you to implement effective strategies on various aspects of your business such as inventory management, PPC campaigns, cost management, and the likes, allowing you to scale and increase your bottom line.

It’s Secure

Fetcher uses an OpenSSL AES encryption, the same type which banks, large financial institutions, and high-security entities use. This means your data is well-protected, and you can rest assured that there is virtually no chance for outside elements to access your data. Security is often overlooked when shopping around for SaaS applications, but keep in mind this should be one of the things you have a look at before making a commitment to share your data.

What We’re Not Crazy About – The Cons

(Kindly take note that the observations noted here were made during the time of the review. Information presented here will be updated if applicable.)

It Does Not Consolidate Your Stats and Numbers from Various Amazon Marketplaces

If you sell on different Amazon marketplaces, this might prove to be a slight inconvenience for you. To view business data from your marketplaces, you’ll have to keep switching from one marketplace to another (it only allows you to switch to one marketplace at a time). This makes it a little bit harder to quickly know the overall performance of your business.

Some Manual Calculation Is Needed

While Fetcher does an excellent job of automating accounting and bookkeeping processes, it will require you to perform some manual calculation because as of now it still doesn’t account for sales tax (like VAT). The quick fix here is to manually compute your Value Added Tax and put it on top of your product manufacturing cost to ensure accuracy. It’s no deal-breaker, but it’s better for you to know that Fetcher is not a “set it and forget it” accounting and bookkeeping solution.

No Extra Tools Offered

It’s always nice to get extras, and unfortunately, Fetcher does not come with additional accouterments. Some accounting software solutions also come with a PPC tool, keyword tracker, review monitoring tool, or competitors’ analysis tool. This does not mean, however, that as an accounting software solution, Fetcher is in any way inferior.

Other Minor Limitations We Found

Some limitations that might cause some minor inconvenience are:


  • The Time-Range Limitation

    – Fetcher only allows you to view data from specific time periods only up to the past calendar year. If you’ve been selling on Amazon for quite some time, past data beyond this limitation will be unavailable.

  • The Three-Word Limitation of the Inventory Widget

    – when you view the product table, you’ll notice that only the first three words of the product are displayed. If you have similarly named product variations, this might cause a slight problem. 

Our Final Take: Should You Get Fetcher for Amazon?

Please read before proceeding:

We participate in affiliate programs to fund Seller Spaceship. Some of the links you will find in our articles are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product using our link, we will earn a small commision. This does not, however, come with any additional cost to you, and we guarantee that our reviews will never be based on whether we will earn a commision off a product or not. We stand by our mission to provide objective and informative reviews. That being said, if you do find our product/service review helpful and decide to purchase a product or service we review, we would really appreciate it if you use our links to do so. It will really help the Seller Spaceship team a lot in providing you with awesome content that can hopefully help your business!

Before we make our final recommendation, let’s try to answer a couple of quick questions first:
  1. Is having a complete understanding of your Amazon business’ financial situation important to you?
  2. Are you doing the financial tracking of your Amazon business on your own? Are you having a hard time doing it via reports from Seller Central?
  3. Have you always wanted to employ a full-time bookkeeper to free yourself up from this tedious task?
  4. Are you looking for an accounting solution but are on a tight budget?

If you answered “YES” to all of these questions, Fetcher is perfect for you.

Fetcher’s main strength is its capability to help you easily understand the financial metrics of your business and how they reflect its current status. With this understanding, you can quickly and easily make financially sound decisions that will help grow your business or address issues that are seriously affecting your bottom line.

In business, time is a very valuable commodity, and spending most of your time tracking your financials is a waste of this resource if there is a very affordable and effective accounting and bookkeeping solution like Fetcher available on the market. For its capabilities, Fetcher is very inexpensive, and making this minimal investment can have a profound effect on how you manage and maintain your Amazon business.

If you’d like to get a feel of the Fetcher platform and get an idea of how it can help you have a full grasp on your Amazon business financials, we strongly recommend that you sign up for their free 31-day trial

Is there anything you love about Fetcher by Amazon that we weren’t able to mention in the article? Is there a feature that has really helped your business that you’d like to share? Do you have more questions about this awesome Amazon FBA Accounting Software? Post a comment and join in on the discussion. We’d love to hear from you!


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