If you study successful entrepreneurs, most of them set and track measurable goals. They don’t check in once every few months, they track their goals on a continuous basis. If you are working towards a goal, and you put it in front of your magical face every day, you are naturally going to think about that goal more often. When you are thinking about a goal often, you start to make decisions in each moment that help to bring you closer to that goal, whether you pre-meditate the decision or not.


The point is, the more you remind yourself of a goal, the more you are going to work towards bringing that goal to life.


In our last post, we break down how much inventory you need to buy to achieve certain sales goals. In this post, we will help you make a daily road map that keeps you on track.


We created a spreadsheet where you can input your sales goal, and then review the daily spend required to meet that goal (given you are buying good products with intelligent purchasing decisions.)


You can access this goal tracker below.



Goal Tracking Template - Sales Metrics - Sellerspaceship.com

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This basic tracking sheet is set up to cover one month. Simply enter your sales goal for the month, and it will automatically estimate how much inventory you need to buy each month and day on average to meet those goals. It will also pitch out monthly and daily profit estimates. Remember, your sales will always be delayed at least 2-3 weeks if you are using FBA and have to ship your inventory to their warehouses. It may take a few months to build up inventory, so don’t go looney tunes with your sales projections early on. Start with a goal that makes sense.


  1. Enter your monthly sales goal
  2. The sheet will calculate how much inventory you need to buy on average everyday to hit your sales goals for the following month.
  3. Manually input your daily sales and inventory spends throughout the month to keep track of your progress.


The idea behind this sheet is to put the goals in front of your face, everyday. If you are aware of how much you need to buy to hit a certain goal, and your daily average buys are equal to or above your goals, then your sales should be equal to or above your sales goals too. If you have the sheet printed out and slapped on your bathroom mirror, you’ll have no choice but to stare at it every day and work toward your goals.


We recommend creating a 6-month road map on how you want your sales to scale. Everyone is different, and everyone has different capital situations, so do your best to analyze what your situation is and proceed cautiously. No matter what your goal is, be smart and realistic with your expectations. If you take action every day to work towards your goals, progress is the only outcome.


Goal Tracking Template - Sales Metrics - Sellerspaceship.com

Get a FREE Goal Tracking Template!

Analyze Your Sales Metrics!


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