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Amazon Small Business Grant Applications Due by Sep 30th (Win up to $25k)


Amazon just kicked off its first ever Small Business Month. While there is no free pizza, the party does include over $250K in grants and other prizes that will be distributed to small businesses with under $1 milly goats in annual revenue. 


If you are crushing a swift $million in revenue– nice work. If not, make sure you apply for these grants by September 30th. 


New A/B Testing Features to Improve Sales and Conversions


If you are managing listings, there are a few updates to Amazon’s A/B split testing features that may help you increase conversions. The first feature simply informs you when the content you are split testing is too similar to provide conclusive results (aka don’t waste your time.) The second feature allows you to auto-publish the winning content for title and image experiments. If you are split testing two different titles or images, Amazon will automatically publish the winning content as long as it performs at a 66% success rate or higher. 


High-fives for seller tool enhancements! You can manage your experiments here.


Shopify Warns Against ‘Buy with Prime’


Shopify is discouraging merchants from installing Amazon’s one-click checkout button called “Buy with Prime” on their storefronts–claiming that this feature creates major security issues and violates Shopify’s terms of service. 


Amazon (such a sly fox) created “Buy with Prime” as a few simple lines of HTML so it can be added to any website or e-commerce store without asking for permission from the platforms.


While creating more easy checkout options is great for e-commerce in general, the issue is that many storefront platforms (like Shopify) can only protect customer data and guarantee security if the checkouts are completed on the native platforms, not through external sources.


The “Buy with Prime” checkout creates potential opportunity for fraudulent orders, customer data breach, and more. Shopify merchants may proceed with the Buy with Prime option, but Shopify warns they won’t be responsible should problems occur. 


Solution for Low-cost Product Fulfillment?


It’s no secret that Amazon fulfillment costs are hefty. Sometimes these fees can wipe out potential profits on low-cost items, despite there being an opportunity to make money on these items with FBM. 


Thankfully, Amazon recently expanded their Amazon FBA Small and Light program to help sellers reduce their shipping costs. This post from Jungle Scout explains everything you need to know about the program updates and how it can help you cut costs. 


FBA Small and Light Eligibility Parameters:

  • Measure 18 x 14 x 8 inches or less
  • Weigh 3 lb or less
  • Priced at $10 or less (this one hurts)
  • In New condition


If you are doing OA/RA, it may be worth at least applying in case you sling any ASINS that meet the criteria. 


FBA Inventory Deadlines for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Shopping


Reminder! To be able to participate in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events, you have until November 2 to get your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers. For Christmas shopping, you have until December 1.  


Make sure to plan out your shipments so that you’ll be fully stocked for these dates. 


View Amazon’s announcement here


Amazon Policy Change: Seller-Fulfilled Meltable Goods


If you merchant-fulfill meltable products, proceed with caution.


Starting September 21, Amazon is threatening suspensions and bans for accounts who receive multiple melted product complaints. Yes, this is a bit extreme.


According to Amazon, the new policy is warranted as they have been receiving numerous complaints regarding heat-sensitive products. 


Let’s all ignore the possibility that millions of dollars of halloween candies are melting in transit……and directly sold and fulfilled by AZ themselves. ????


View the community discussion here.


Q4 Preparedness (Youtube)


Chris Grant dropped another great video podcast on YouTube discussing FBA Q4 preparedness and other lessons he’s learned throughout the years selling on Amazon. 


Watch/Listen to the episode here.


AMA with a $100 Million Amazon Seller (Reddit)


An Amazon seller with $100 million in lifetime sales recently had an AMA session where he shares his insights on building his highly successful Amazon business. Check it out here.


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Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, comments or violent reactions, let us know below! 


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