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Bill Targeting Online Sales of Counterfeit and Stolen Goods in the Works


The Inform Consumer Act, which would require online marketplaces to collect, verify, and disclose certain information from high-volume third-party sellers, has been added to the US Senate’s defense spending authorization. 

Backed by the National Retail Federation and the Retail Industry Leaders Association, the bill aims to assist law enforcement, manufacturers, retailers and online marketplaces in protecting consumers from scammers selling counterfeit and stolen goods. If passed, the bill would mandate the verification of a seller’s identity, an effective deterrent against the sale of fake and stolen goods in e-commerce marketplaces. 

Amazon, Target, and Walmart are in support of the revised bill which is currently up for debate in the Senate. Originally Amazon was in heavy disposition claiming the bill was at the expense of “small businesses who sell online.”

There are no specifics yet on what actually categorizes high-volume sellers or how online marketplaces will implement changes once this bill is passed.

Read the full story here.


Amazon Accelerate 2022 Video Library Now Available


The Amazon Accelerate 2022 video-on-demand library is now available for the on-demand playback of 33 videos via Youtube. 

Topics from the giant e-commerce conference focus on:

  • Advertising & promotions
  • Building & protecting your brand
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Navigating selling on amazon
  • Scaling & growing your business
  • Shipping & fulfillment

Check it out. 


Amazon Extends UPS as Options for Seller-Fulfilled Returns


FBM Sellers, you may now let out your collective sighs. 

In an announcement last October 12, Amazon said that it was extending UPS as a customer return shipping option for items below 15 oz and 130 inches in girth under the APRL program until November 1st. 

While this policy has not been popular among sellers, the good news is that Amazon will continue (so they say) to reimburse the cost difference between UPS and USPS shipping labels. Also, they will be automatically reimbursing eligible returns by December 1(but…why wait until December 1 though?)


FBA Inventory Cut-Off Date for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


If you want your Amazon products to be available to shoppers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, make sure that your products are already in Amazon fulfillment centers by November 2.  

If you don’t use a prep center, this informative blog post from Seller Snap provides useful tips for preparing your product shipments to Amazon. 


Learning Opportunities: Coping with Increasing FBA Fees


Since 2020, Amazon has increased its fulfillment fees (sometimes up to 30%) for third-party sellers. Yikes. With the latest added surcharge to holiday fulfillment, staying profitable during the most crucial time of the year has become a growing challenge. 

Instead of sulking in defeat, it’s better to stay focused on the positive growth of the market and keep yourself informed on how to maximize your margins and grow your business despite rising fees and economic hardships. 

Here are two good resources to help you keep growing:

Blog: What to do about the upcoming FBA inventory limitations by My FBA Prep

Podcast: How to best handle Amazon Fee Increases – by Full Time FBA


What to Look for in an Amazon Online Arbitrage Sourcing List


If you are doing online arbitrage or retail arbitrage, using verified sourcing lists is one of the best ways to kickstart or scale your business at a faster pace.

Sourcing lists also help you discover what types of products are available and where they come from so you can build out your own custom approach to finding independent leads too. 

In this blog post, our friend Chris Grant discusses what makes a high-quality OA leads list. 

There are scammy lists full of stolen leads and shitty products out there too, so be wise when you sign up for a list. 

Our leads at FBALEADLIST are manually sourced by our team of 20+, so if you want to join the waitlist for an opening simply reply to this email.


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